Subj: Science, morals, ethics or the cheating of the public
Date: Sunday, November 7, 2004 6:30:08 AM

Dear Dr. Roger J. Busch!

   Yesterday I attended your closing lecture at the symposium on evolution in Vienna (IMP; ). Your message was that scientists are responsible to inform the public in a dialogue concerning their innovations and they should do so by using public media.  Aroused by interest I looked up your homepage (TTN Institute, Ludwig-Maximilians University, and discovered that the main goal of your institute is an interdisciplinary platform for ethics in science, technology and economics.  

   Therefore I would like to address you with the following question: Is it in the interest of the public when the major global information server for the dissemination of knowledge in physics and mathematics - the x-archives - engages in active censorship by black-listing some of the most novel and potentially important ideas (see e-mail below of the censored physicist Dr. Carlos Castro-Perelman to eminent physicists)? It does not only cause harm for the censored (no job, no professional carreer) but in fact the public taxpayer supports a system where he is cut off of novel and creative science.  What you suggested - to inform the mass media and politicians - does not work at all: they do not even censor, but simply ignore the situation (including New York Times and many others).  So we believe that we are living in the "New Medieval Ages" or as the writer and philosopher Ayn Rand put: "our academia just invented the candles, what do we need light bulbs for"?.

Thank you very much for your attention

Dr. Alfred Schöller, molecular biologist

Dear  Profs. Weinberg, Ne'eman, Sudarshan and Fink:

   Since I  know all of you personally from Austin, in case Luis Boya never told you, I decided to bring to your attention the illicit censorship and blacklisting of many scientists ( probably in the hundreds ) by Paul  Ginsparg at the Los Alamos-Cornell archives. Profs. Hans Bethe and Brian Josephson's words and lawsuits have fallen on deaf ears.  In particular, you may  contact  Profs. Hans Bethe and Brian Josephson pertaining the censorship and blacklisting of the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette who  predicted the Pioneer anomalous acceleration prior to the Anderson  et al's findings.  Paul  Ginsparg has ---- in the faces of so many that it is time that  someone high in the Physics establishment puts a stop to this censorship and blacklisting practices.  To get an idea of what is going on at the bastions of American Academia and Democracy hereby I am enclosing a letter to the New York Times and to Prof. Noam Chomsky.  He responded immediately in shock  at this censorship and blacklsiting of scientists by Paul Ginsparg at the Los Alamos-Conell archives.  I sincerely hope that you read this e-mail and that you take the necessary action to  "tear down this wall of shame built by Paul  Ginsparg and his associates" (as quoted by Doc Savage).  I have now more than 80 papers, and I am obviously blacklisted like so many others with numerous publications and good credentials ( not crack-pots ).

Best wishes

Carlos Castro  Perelman


Dear Editor:
   I would like to bring to the attention of the News media the ongoing censorship and blacklisting of scientists that is plaguing Academia, in particular the physics community.  Since this is a very serious legal matter, before you turn this letter over to the scientific editorial staff of your newspaper, I would like to urge you to bring it, firstly, to the attention of responsible investigative journalists, because it is the latter journalists who will serve best the unbiased interests of the public at large.  There is an illicit and unfortunate censorship going on at the Cornell electronic preprint archives whose website is : <> and formely at the Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico: <>.  Such public open forum, electronic archives in the internet, is the bloodline of Physics-Mathematics research nowadays which has replaced journals in the dissemination of novel ideas.  It appears that there could be as many as hundreds of scientists in the archives Black-List (Cornell's professor Paul Ginsparg's black-list) reminiscent of the McCarthy era.  Electronic-preprints from this black-list of scientists are being removed automatically and/or manually before they appear in the daily listings, irrespective of form, content, correctness and without a peer-review analysis.  What is very disturbing about this illicit censorship is that it seems to originate from complaints mailed to the archives (to Paul Ginsparg)  from unknown sources about some particular individual resulting in the black-listing of that particular scientist and/or related work.  Even more disturbing is that the scientist is found guilty without ever knowing WHO the accuser was, nor WHAT is the thing he is being accused of, and without any chances of defending himself/herself.  Once your name is in the blacklist, all FUTURE papers, without any peer-reviewed study, irrespective of form and content, correctness....are systematically removed.  Due to this horrendous Scientific-Gulag practices, there are suggestions being proposed for an UNESCO take-over of the Los Alamos-Cornell archives.  I hope this happens.  
   In the meantime, I urge you to please raise this situation to the attention of other concerned citizens, colleagues, politicians and professionals to bring an end to this illicit censorship and blacklisting that undermines creative freedom, destroys careers and robs humanity of potential important discoveries.  The reason I mention the latter statement is because this sort of censorship is being spilled-over to peer-review journals and all sectors of science by members of the scientific establishment who are protecting their own vested interests and silencing alternative ideas.   There are lawsuits filed against Los Alamos-Cornell (Paul Ginsparg and his coworkers) but this does not seem to have changed nor deterred these censorship policies.  On the contrary, they have reinforced those censorship policies even stronger in blatant violation and defiance of the USA law.  
   The Los Alamos-Cornell electronic archives is an open public forum that was initiated and paid for by the US taxpayers since 1991.  They still continue to receive public funding while they are actively engaged in illicit censorship and black-listing practices in flagrant violations of the free speech rights guaranteed by the US consititution.   If you wish to have more information about the lawsuits and other specific details of this censorship and black-listing you may ask the investigative journalists of your newspaper to please contact Tony Smith (an attorney and scientist).

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Carlos Castro Perelman