Further Evidence of Archive Blacklisting
(Information supplied by Carlos Castro)

Paul Slater (KITP, Santa Barbara ) successfully posted a paper in the math category of arxiv.org which discusses a model co developed by Carlos Castro.  The paper entitled "A Numerical Examination of the Castro-Mahecha Supersymmetric Model of the Riemann Zeros " (posted at: http://www.arxiv.org/abs/math.NT/0511188) discusses a paper by Carlos Castro and Jorge Mahecha on the Riemann Hypothesis which was published in 2004 in the International Journal of Geometrical Methods of Modern Physics.  Yet, when Mahecha and Castro tried to post their original work in the Math and hep-th sections of the arXiv.org, the archive blocked their paper from being posted.
   Jorge Mahecha has had no trouble posting papers he has written, but in cases where Castro's name was included as an author, those papers were blocked. The same occurs with Matej Pavsic.  He is allowed to post papers to Arxiv.org, but only when Carlos Castro's name is not on the paper.
   This ridiculous situation has even caused Castro to remove his name from papers that he had helped to write.  One of the reasons why he decided NOT to include his name in the above mentioned paper by Paul Slater (a clear detriment to himself) was precisely because he knew that it would have been removed by arXiv.org.

The ICTP fiasco.  The new science e-archives launched by the Int Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy also engages in blacklisting. Carlos Castro attempted to post to this archive three papers (all accepted in refereed journals), but his attempts failed.  He learned that others who are blacklisted by Cornell had ALL had their papers removed from the ICTP archive a posteriori.  Dr. Florentin Smarandache whose papers were removed can no longer even log in to the Trieste site.  The Name of the ICTP Trieste site is: "Open Archives Alternative " Another cruel joke!!!

Obviously:  Trieste Blacklist = Cornell Blacklist

   This is what Carlos has called the "translational invariance property of the blacklisting of scientists," which may turn out to be valid worldwide.

In October 2004, CERN shut down their website service to arxiv.org blacklistees.  They did this most likely under pressure from the "Americans".