Below is Dr. Stoyan Sarg's story of how administrators blacklisted him, preventing him from posting his papers on the physics preprint archive.


Dr. Stoyan Sarg: His Struggle with the ArXiv

Stoyan Sarg, Ph.D.
York University
Toronto, Canada

 I have PhD in Physics with 35 year works in different scientific institutions in Europe, USA and Canada. Currently I am with York University.  I have over 60 publications in peer reviewed journal, mostly in the field of space and atmospheric research.  In 2001, I completed my major theoretical treatise "Basic Structures of Matter - Supergravitation Unified theory" based on an alternative concept of the physical vacuum.  In May 2002, I submitted an article to entitled "New approach for building of unified theory about the Universe and some results" ( ).  When I tried to post a second article, it was repeatedly removed and after three times I was contacted by the arxiv moderator.  I showed him all my credentials.  At that time I worked at York University as a project scientist.  Nevertheless, my name was banned for further publishing in arxiv.  It was not possible, however, for them to remove.  So, in 2004, when arxiv introduced the endorsement system, they posted a message to the paper's abstract stating that this work should not be considered.  Later this message was removed.  After that I published in Physics Essays and, because my theory is quite original, giving answers for many problems in physics and has useful practical recommendations, it became very popular on the Internet.  Nevertheless, once your name is banned from publishing in arxiv it is never removed.  I was not allowed to publish in this archive even a pure laboratory experiment.  

   Fortunately, other on-line scientific archives have been established, like for example, where scientists can post their advanced research.  I have been contact with number of scientists - researchers that wanted to publish in arxiv some new experimental results.  But, if it contradicts the established physical rules, their article does not go through. They had to rewrite their articles to show that the results do not contradict the established belief, despite that the experimental results give a completely different conclusion.  The way the official is working is causing stagnation in contemporary physics. Their goal is to preserve the status quo by all means.