Dr. Ryke Hamer: A Case of Scientific Supression


Posting submitted to Archive Freedom:  Monday, June 12, 2006

Dear friends of Archive Freedom,

I've read your website, and I think it's very useful to all people to know how many alternative or unorthodox scientific theories are suppresed.

A well-known case is the concerning to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and his German New Medicine.  He's the discoverer of 5 biological-medical laws, testable and reproducible in each patient, that explain almost all diseases of medicine and his works have been scientifically verified 30 times by many medical groups.

On the internet, you get information about Dr. Hamer as "charlatan", "wonder-healer", etc. but nobody wants to test Dr. Hamer's findings.  He's 24 years challenging the "scientific community" to a public test of his findings, and the response are only ad hominem attacks and character assesinations.  No medical scientist dares to debunk Hamer's discoveries with a scientific test.

As an introduction to Dr. Hamer's works, you can read the presentation of Dr.Hamer in a medicine congress here:

Also, you can read an epistemological comparison between the German New Medicine and Conventional Medicine here:

Recently, Dr. Hamer invited the President of Bavarian Cancer Society to a scientific evaluation of his discoveries, in a open, public and honest scientific test. But the "scientists" of Bavarian Cancer Society don't dare to do it.  You can read Dr. Hamer's letter to the President of Bavarian Cancer Society here:

According to Hanno Beck, a famous historian of natural science of University of Bonn, said that supression of Dr. Hamer's scientific discoveries is the most cruel scientific suppresion of the 20th century.


More info about Hamer and his discoveries:

In this webiste, you can read about the University of Tubingen being responsible for the Academic Abuse of Dr. Hamer.  For example, see  http://www.germannewmedicine.com/documents/penletter.html#University.  Two court orders have been sent to the University of Tubingen ordering the testing of Dr. Hamer's discoveries.  To this day, the Medical Faculty of the University of Tubingen has refused to test Dr. Hamer's research in spite of its legal obligation to do so and in opposition to a court order from the administrative court Sigmaringen, Germany (AZ 3 K 1180/86; 17.10.1986).