Below are excerpts taken from Dr. Carlos Castro's synopsis entitled "My Struggle with ( and the Road to Cyberia: A ScientiÞc-Gulag in Cyberspace," which relates his astounding experiences of being repeatedly blacklisted by the administration of the electronic preprint archive hosted at Cornell University.

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My Struggle with Ginsparg ( and the Road to Cyberia:
A ScientiÞc-Gulag in Cyberspace

Carlos Castro
November 23, 2004
Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems
Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta


I describe in the following pages the sequence of events in the past five years that led to me being blacklisted from the open e-archives <> administered by Paul Ginsparg, now at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) and formerly at the Los Alamos Labs (New Mexico).  The <> have bent over backwards in trying to deny that there is such a thing as a blacklist. In fact they [] accuse some of us of improperly using the name "blacklist".  This is preposterous because when the denies that there is such a thing as a blacklist it amounts to saying that a tight-closed-hand should not be called a fist.  Whether it is a black, white, yellow, or a phantom-list, it does not change the true facts described below over the past five years... ...tragically... most of the members of the physics establishment that I know of, and who have been informed of the ------- censorship and blacklisting of scientists, have been in many ways complicit with Ginsparg's shameful practices because they have remained silent and allowed this brutal suppression of scientists to happen for so long, all the way back to the early days (1990's) when the e-archives were run by Los Alamos.

The Troubles began with the Nuclear Physics B Journal

    Lantz Miller (New York resident, Columbia University Journalist student) in his article in Crosscurrents magazine: "Migrations of Ideas in the Age of the Internet and the Socio/Cultural Hegemony of the Scientific Community: Case Studies" that was based on his talk at a Rutgers University Conference in March 2002 (New Jersey) sponsored by the Sociology Dept, described very accurately the origins of my problems with Ginsparg.  In the late Fall of 1999 I received two positive referee reports of a mainstream paper submitted to Nuclear Physics B (NPB).  The editorial office (Elsevier publishers in Holland) then asked me for a disk file (Tex file) of such paper, another intended sign of publication.  A few months later in January 28, 2000, I received a highly suspicious declination letter (e-mail ) from NPB (Paul Schuddenboom) after a member of the Editorial board had shown a particular interest in my paper but later vetoed its publication (I think it may have been H. Ooguri, now at Caltech, but I have no way of proving this due to the secrecy of the journal).
    I would have not have minded at all if they had asked me to revise the paper to fit the needs of the member of the Editorial board. After receiving this highly suspicious declination letter, the co-director of my center in Atlanta, CTSPS (Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems in Clark Atlanta University) Prof. Carlos Handy wrote a letter to NPB expressing our concerns for this declination letter, especially after having received two positive referee reports and having sent them the disk file of my paper.
    What we received back in response from NPB was yet another slap in the face. Not only they insisted that they had done nothing wrong, because they had not "promised" anything, but they had looked at my recent work in the e-archives, run at the time by the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, and found my work to be outlandish.  NPB was clearly referring to my work on the Extended (" new") Relativity Theory (later developed in Clifford Spaces) based on earlier work by Laurent Nottale (in 1983) on the Scale Relativity Theory.  In the latter theory the Planck length scale was postulated as a minimum scale (resolution) in Nature, not unlike postulating the speed of light as the maximum attainable speed in the ordinary Relativity Theory.
    However, what NPB seemed to have forgotten entirely is that my NPB paper that had received two positive referee reviews was a mainstream paper that had nothing to do whatsoever with my work on the Extended ("new") Relativity theory.  In fact, an extended version of my original NPB paper has been published in the first rate journal Classical and Quantum Gravity 20 (2003) 3577-3592: "Anti de Sitter Spaces (AdS2n) from SO(2n -1, 2) Instantons ".
   The reader may ask, what does all this have to do with Ginsparg?  Well, lo and behold, when I tried submitting my most recent paper (at the time) in early February 2000 to the hep-th (high energy physics theory) category my paper was removed and displaced to the general physics category (the bottom of the pile in readership and audience).  It does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that it was NPB who complained to Ginsparg that Castro was posting outlandish papers in the Los Alamos archives.  After all NPB admitted in writing that they had looked at my work in the Los Alamos archives in late January 2000 and found my work "outlandish."  The reader may say that this is nothing but circumstantial evidence and that it does not constitute a proof.  People have been arrested, tried, convicted and executed in the USA based solely on circumstantial evidence.
    Having explained the sequence of events that led to the beginning of my problems with Ginsparg in early February 2000, I must add that I wrote a letter to NPB denouncing what I thought to be their shameful behavior.  They politely wrote back and told me that they will inquire about this unfortunate incident.  I never heard a word from them again (to be expected).
    The next time I tried posting a paper to the hep-th archive-category the same thing occurred, it was removed automatically and diverted to the general physics category without the possibility of cross-listing to other categories.  I realized that the robot at the archives was programmed to recognize my e-mail address and to divert my papers automatically from the hep-th category to the general physics category.
    What to do next?  Well, I decided to post my next paper from the e-mail account of one of my co-authors of a joint-paper, Jorge Mahecha, directly from Trieste, Italy, since I was visiting Trieste at the time.   It worked, the paper was successfully posted in the hep-th archive-category in August, 2000, without any problems until, until ......
    Until I was traveling in France and Spain in August, September, when Jorge Mahecha e-mailed me telling me that Ginsparg had written an ultimatum giving us a two-day period to remove the fraudulent Cambridge affiliation from one of our other co-authors, M.S. El Naschie, chief Editor of the Journal of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals.  Apparently Ginsparg received a complaint from Cambridge University (later I found out that it was Michael Green).  Since Jorge Mahecha had only two days, he had no choice but to comply and removed the El Naschie's Cambridge affiliation without being able to make a thorough inquiry as to the veracity of the horrible allegations against M.S El Naschie.  Shortly after, Jorge Mahecha opted to remove the paper altogether to avoid any further problems, before we had an opportunity to perform an investigation of the veracity of the serious charges raised by Michael Green (at Cambridge University) against M. S. El Naschie.
    Having described the chain events in late January 2000 (the NPB fiasco), the subsequent removal of my papers to the hep-th category in early February 2000, and afterwards, the El Naschie-Michael Green incident in late August 2000, which I will analyze in further detail shortly, I will now reveal a personal e-mail written by Ginsparg himself to Fred Cooper at Los Alamos which is full of insults, lies and threats.

 Editorial note:  Prof. Carlos Handy, Carlos Castro's former supervisor at Clark Atlanta University CTSPS (Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems), contacted Dr. Fred Cooper at Los Alamos National Laboratory inquiring why Castro's papers were being removed from the preprint archive.  Professor Handy knew Cooper since he had formerly been one of Cooper's postdoctoral students.  Moreover Cooper was then Paul Ginsparg's supervisor at Los Alamos. Fred Cooper, in turn, contacted Ginsparg requesting that he handle Castro's paper submission with some sensitivity.  In return, on September 29, 2000, Ginsparg responded to Cooper with the following email which was later forwarded to Professor Handy.


2. The Insults, Multi-Layered Lies and Threats from Ginsparg

    2.1 The Actual e-mail from Ginsparg to Fred Cooper at Los Alamos

 Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:47:02 -0600 (MDT)
From: Paul Ginsparg
Subject: Re: Castro Clarification

a) castro is an obvious nut and all of his papers are abject nonsense
b) castro had a paper with a co-author whose affiliation was forged as DAMTP (Cambridge), and we received a complaint directly from DAMTP. he was given a deadline to correct or remove the affiliation, or lose submission privileges. he CHOSE not to comply.

conclusion: castro is more than welcome to publish in conventional journals we don't have time for him here, and he is fortunate that he is permitted in the General Physics category.

 [ next is a phrase from F. Cooper's initial letter to Ginsparg ]

"Carlos Handy at Clark Atlanta was a former post-doc of mine and this person's boss. If you could handle this with some sensitivity, I would appreciate that"

 [ Ginsparg continues ]

note that if clark university will insist on this, then we will cease to regard clark university as a responsible accredited institution. (we rely on institutional affiliation for effective endorsement. note most of his recent activity has been from italy so we have no idea why clark univ is even involved at this point.)

you should explain to your former postdoc Carlos Handy that he is the one who should be embarrassed at this point. we wouldn't care except this one idiot has wasted more time than the average ten idiots... i hope this is sensitive enough


The Analysis of the Multi-Layered Lies and Threats from Ginsparg

    Ginsparg began to remove my papers in the hep-th archive-category in February 2000, six months prior to the El Naschie-Michael Green incident. Ginsparg concealed this fact from Fred Cooper by making me look as the "bad guy".  The El Naschie-Michael Green incident was nothing but a diversion from the truth. Truth that Ginsparg did not wish to reveal to his boss, Fred Cooper.
   In addition, Ginsparg accused me of having posted a paper with a false institutional affiliation by one of my colleagues, M. S. EL Naschie who is the chief editor of the Journal of Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals (CSF) published by Elsevier.  However, the truth of the matter is that M. S. El Naschie had listed his affiliation, for many years, and at many public conferences, etc....., as DAMTP - Cambridge.  I had no knowledge whatsoever that M. S. El Naschie was not permitted to use the Cambridge affiliation.  How could I have known this before hand, if the affiliation of M. S. El Naschie was appearing in the CSF journal, and in many conferences.... was listed as DAMTP-Cambridge for many years?  Why am I to blame?
    Frank (Tony) Smith, a lawyer, scientist and another blacklistee wisely asked: Why wasn't Elsevier Science Publishers in Holland attacked by Cambridge University?  Why weren't the organizers of the many public conferences where M.S El Naschie attended not attacked? .....  When, during all these years M. S. El Naschie was using the Cambridge affiliation?
   Jorge Mahecha (from the ICTP in Trieste, Italy) removed the false institutional affiliation of M.S. El Naschie from our paper submitted to the e-archive within the two day deadline demanded by Ginsparg.  Shortly after, within a period of 8 days, Jorge Mahecha removed the paper altogether.  Since I was traveling in France and Spain during that time, Ginsparg lied when he accuse me of "choosing not to comply " after his ultimatum.  Jorge Mahecha who was in Trieste, Italy to receive Ginsparg's e-mail-ultimatum did comply.
    Alex Granik and Jorge Mahecha were among the co-authors of two papers with M.S. El Naschie and myself.  Nevertheless, Alex Granik (University of the Pacific, Stockton, California) and Jorge Mahecha (University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia) have not been blacklisted by Ginsparg.  They are permitted to post their papers to any category of the without any problems.
   Why did M.S. El Naschie illicitly used the DAMTP-Cambridge affiliation for many years?  It seems that because he was a friend of the former Head of the Physics Dept in Cambridge University that he took certain liberties for many years.  After the El Naschie-Michael Green incident took place, he is no longer using the DAMTP-Cambridge affiliation.
    Let us proceed now with the threats made by Ginsparg to ban my center CTSPS in Atlanta from submission privileges if they defended me in my right to post papers in the hep-th archive category. Next we will display the letter from Prof. Carlos Handy (CTSPS) expressing his disgust after reading Ginsparg's lies, insults and threats.

 The Response of the Clark Atlanta University CTSPS
        to Ginsparg's Insults, Offenses and Threats         

    This message below was written by Prof. Carlos Handy in 2000 (my boss in Atlanta) to Prof. Geoffrey West at Los Alamos Labs in response to Ginsparg's extremely offensive e-mail.  Fred Cooper was the former boss of Paul Ginsparg at Los Alamos before he came to Cornell.  At that moment Fred Cooper was visiting Boston College, thus Geoffrey West was left in charge back in Los Alamos, the T-8 Division.  This explains why Prof. Carlos Handy is responding to Prof. Geoffrey West.
    Please notice that my center (CTSPS) in Atlanta interpreted very seriously Ginsparg's threats. The threats that to any English-speaking native [as pointed out by Jack Sarfatti] unambiguously implied that Ginsparg meant to ban the whole CTSPS from submission privileges if they insisted in supporting me.  This dictatorial behavior from Ginsparg in threatening to ban a whole research center from submission "privileges" is despicable and cannot be tolerated in a democracy.  On the other hand, nobody denies Ginsparg's right to have an opinion by uttering the words "Castro is an obvious nut".  But the mere fact that Ginsparg is entitled to an "opinion", it however does not entitle him to remove papers from scientists he does not like!  This is a point that unfortunately so many of my so-called "friends" have been unable to understand!  I have numerous publications in peer reviewed journals.  I honestly doubt that Ginsparg read all of my journal publications that would have allowed him to write objectively that "all of Castro's papers are nonsense".

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 13:42:41 -0400
From: "Carlos R. Handy"
Subject: Important
Cc: handyman
Status: R

Hi Geoffrey, ...
   I have been in contact with Fred Cooper who indicated that you are the boss, since he is away at Boston College.
   There is a controversial (anti-string) scientist [inaccurate description of myself] who we have supported for some time as a ``permanent visiting scientist''.  He is very colorful, knowledgeable, and (I believe) smart. His name is Carlos Castro.
   He and his colleagues have been having a hard time with Ginzparg vis a vis getting their articles on the HEP LANL archives.
   Ginzparg said to Fred that Castro is a ``Nut''.  In addition, he accused him of having posted a paper with a false institutional affiliation by one of his colleagues (M. Al Naschie) who is the chief editor of the Journal of Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals (published by Elsevier). In any case, this guy (Naschie) has listed his affiliation, for many years (and at many public conferences), as DAMTP - Cambridge. Castro had no knowledge of the legitimacy of this, and he and his colleagues removed the institutional affiliation from their submitted archive paper within the two day deadline demanded by Ginzparg.
   I recognize that Castro is controversial, and many people don't follow his papers because of all the intricacies of his arguments. However, he has colleagues, with whom I have talked, who are very sober and conventional. I believe that much of his work stimulates the mind and is an honest effort with no obvious technical fallacies. Of course, if a well documented technical declination of his work is forthcoming, by a group of unbiased physicists, then there is nothing more to say.
   However, it does appear that the people that are giving him a hard time are those that feel threatened by his anti-string posture. I have indicated to him that in my opinion, the LANL archives are Federally funded, and he, Castro, through our institutional affiliation, has the right to publish his articles there.
Ginzparg told Cooper that if my school continues to back Castro up, we will be black listed from accessing the archives. In addition, he indicated that I should be embarrassed for supporting Castro. In the absence of any cogent, well documented, rebuttal of his papers, I cannot subscribe to Ginzparg's perspective. In fact, he has opened himself up for legal charges on many fronts. By coincidence, one of the guys conversant with what is going on is both a lawyer and a physicist (Tony Smith). Castro is a U.S. citizen, and in the absence of any proof of the sort I have indicated, deserves to have his papers respected in the manner indicated by the archives guidelines.
    The situation is becoming nastier. I am appealing, on a personal level, that in light of all the above, that you or Fred, allow Castro and his colleagues to publish their works in the archives. I do not appreciate Ginzparg's presumptuous attitude. Castro is prepared to take this matter to all and any higher authority, including DoE, and minority members of Congress.
   Again, without any hard evidence to the contrary, as outlined above, I can only support him (Castro) in this.

Carlos Handy

3.  I am Fully Blacklisted since the beginnings of 2003

3.1  How I avoided Ginsparg's Radar for a Period of Time

   In the two year period of 2001-2002, during the transition from Los Alamos to Cornell of the e-archives, I was able to avoid Ginsparg's radar and post 20 papers in the hep-th archive category, both as a single author and with other co-authors, from different e-mail accounts of colleagues in Colombia, Italy and Slovenia.  Eleven of those papers have been published in peer review journals and two others have been revised and are currently under peer review [I don't always update the journal references of my past papers posted in the].  But starting in 2003 until the present day I have been fully blacklisted by the  I tried posting two papers at the beginning of 2003 from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai (Madras, India) but they were removed immediately prior to appearing in the daily listings.  These two papers have been published in peer review journals:

   (i) "On Non-extensive Statistics, Chaos and Fractal Strings" To appear in Physica A 2004;  Available online 15 September 2004,
  (ii) "AdS2n spaces from SO(2n - 1, 2) Instantons" Class. Quant. Gravity 20 no.16 (2003) 3577-3592.

   The did not accuse me this time of being an obvious nut like Ginsparg did before but of misrepresenting my affiliation with the CTSPS center in Clark Atlanta University, while before Ginsparg himself had threatened to ban the whole research center CTSPS in Atlanta from submission" privileges" if they [CTSPS] insisted in supporting me.  Below I enclosed the letter, sent in two different occasions in 2003, to the by Prof. Carlos Handy (co-director) corroborating my affiliation and association with CTSPS.
    Despite that Prof. Carlos Handy sent his first letter to the in mid March 2003, I tried posting a paper from Jorge Mahecha's account in Colombia during the summer of 2003, (he was a co-author of this paper) but the paper was removed as well.  Notice that Jorge Mahecha has no problems in submitting papers to the archives on his own. This paper was removed because it had me as a co-author. The paper: "Fractal SUSY QM, Geometric Probability and the Riemann Hypothesis" will appear in the Int. Jour. Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, December (2004).
    In view of the removal of this last paper, Prof. Carlos Handy resent in July 1, 2003 the same letter (below) to the corroborating my affiliation and association with the CTSPS in Atlanta.  The letter sent by the co-director of CTSPS (in two occasions) should have been satisfactory.  This fact, in addition to the earlier offensive letter from Ginsparg threatening to ban the whole CTSPS center from submission privileges for supporting me, should have been enough for them.  Clearly nothing is enough for these individuals.  They set arbitrarily rule number N, when you obey it, they cook up rule number N + 1, and so forth ad infinitum.
    After this second letter from Prof. Carlos Handy in July 1, 2003, I tried submitting another paper in early January 2004 that was co-authored with Matej Pavsic (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and it was removed once again under the very same pretext!!!  I did not even have the chance to move from rule N to rule N + 1...  This last paper was a commissioned review article to the IJMPA journal at the request of D.V. Ahluwalia-Khalilova (one of the editors in Mexico) and was accepted for publication. When Matej Pavsic protested the removal of our paper (he can also post papers on his own without any problems) the then came up with a blackmail offer described next.

3.2 -----
... I have just described above the shifting rationale for being blacklisted: from being an obvious "nut"; from posting papers without the "permission" of my co-authors.... Then I was accused of misrepresenting my affiliation at the CTSPS center in Atlanta.... after Ginsparg had threatened to ban the whole center CTSPS in Atlanta if they insisted in supporting me......  After all these experiences what is next ???  It is time to reveal to the readers the trappings behind the wonderful ----- "offer" from the moderators at the  I describe best this ----- [repulsive] offer by attaching the e-mail correspondence between Frank (Tony) Smith (another blacklistee) and Matej Pavsic.

 Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 00:42:29 -0500
From: Tony Smith
Subject: correction: arXiv and Carlos's affiliation

Carlos, and Matej,

It is my opinion (as a lawyer) that the statement from "moderation for" that
"... If ...[Carlos]... has no institutional affiliation, that is also fine. Just remove it and resubmit. ..."
is a trap to try to trick Carlos into admitting to a lie, that is that he is not affiliated with Clark Atlanta.

Matej, I have sent you a copy of an e-mail message from Carlos Handy to "moderation for" that clearly stated that Carlos Castro IS affiliated with Clark Atlanta.

Below my signature is a copy of that message with headers included, so that you can see that it was indeed on 1 July 2003 sent to "moderation for"

It is clear to me that "moderation for" is NOT telling the truth when it says
"... the given affiliation cannot be verified. ..."
if you take any reasonable interpretation of the English words used.

Of course, Matej, you have my permission to send this information directly to "moderation for", although in my opinion "moderation for" is already well aware of it and the facts stated in it, and is now just trying to trick Carlos Castro into admitting to a lie.


3.3 Letters from the co-director of CTSPS in Atlanta to the

    One of the latest reasons for being attacked by the cyber-police (a.k.a the "moderators") is because I don't use my e-mail address: in Atlanta. This is a vile accusation because they are hiding the fact that my Atlanta, Trieste (Italy) ........ e-mails have been targeted in such a way that the robot automatically removes and blocks any papers originating from those e-mail addresses. Another reason why I may have been attacked is for having applied for an NSF grant as an individual.  I am an affiliate of the CTSPS center and since the center in Atlanta, as a whole, is already funded by the NSF, I was advised that it would be better if I applied as an individual.  Another reason for being attacked is that my name does not appear in the CTSPS website.  The affiliates names of the CTSPS don't appear in the website, only the permanent members do.   Please note that there are many scientists who don't have an academic affiliation and are allowed to post their papers from their company address and some from their home address!
    Below is the letter written by Prof. Carlos Handy to the moderators (the cyber-police) of the Los Alamos-Cornell archives (  (He sent the first copy in mid March 2003)

Tue, 1 Jul 2003 08:42:01 -0400
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 08:42:01 -0400
From: Carlos R. Handy
To: moderation for
Carlos Castro,
Subject: Re: Carlos Castro

To Whom It May Concern:

  My name is Dr. Carlos R. Handy, Co-Director of the Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems, and well known to Dr.Fred Cooper, formerly at LANL T-8 (where I served as post-doc, 1978 - 81), and now at NSF.
  Dr. Carlos Castro, an American citizen, is an affiliate of our Center, and has been one for at least six years. He has published papers with the name of our center, and university (Clark Atlanta University, not ``Atlantic''). We recognize that he is controversial, but in those matters of particular concern and interest to us, he has always been very insightful and credible. We do not like the impression of an intellectual mafia that seems to be engaged in scientific censorship. More specifically, in the past, Dr. Ginzparg has made e-mail remarks to Dr. Fred Cooper, concerning our support of Dr. Castro, that we have regarded as prejudiced and offensive. This should be particularly troubling to your organization, which continues to enjoy government support.
I would be glad to submit a written letter, but I trust, with the particular reference to Dr. Cooper, that this might not be necessary. In any case, please send me your specific address, and I will mail such a letter immediately.
I understand that your archives should not be the repository for any irresponsible, purportedly scientific articles, however, we (CTSPS) do not support everyone, and until such time that Dr. Castro behaves in a manner questionable to us, we will continue to support him.


Dr. Carlos R. Handy
Associate Professor of Physics
Co-Director, CTSPS


4. Conclusions: A Catch-22 Situation when CERN terminates their
    External Preprint Server for Blacklisted Scientists

    CERN Particle Physics Lab in Geneve, Switzerland announced in October 2004 that they were suspending their CDS-CERN-EXT-preprint service for members of other institutes.  CDS = CERN Document Server. EXT = External.  What is my honest interpretation of this message? That no longer those blacklisted individuals by the will have a loophole where to post their papers.  CERN, like other institutions worldwide is a mirror site of the at Cornell.

CERN in a very polite manner wrote:
       "Authors from other institutes should be posting their papers from now on in the"

while at the same time one of the most famous lines originating from the are:
        "We are not censoring you because you can post your papers in other outlets"
        "We are not censoring you because you can submit your papers to peer review journals"

    CERN is not the only institution that has shut down their CDS-CERN-EXT preprint service but Elsevier Science has also shut down their Mathematics preprint server.  The holds an ever growing monopoly of what is posted (and what will be allowed to be posted) in cyberspace.
    In order to thwart any further lawsuits the in January 2004 erected the facade of the so-called endorsement system ([endorsement] of authors by other authors) which is nothing but a smoke screen behind which they can reinforce more efficiently their censorship and blacklisting practices.  One of the reasons for doing so is to prevent preprints from blacklisted scientists who use a pseudonym.  Many scientists are afraid of endorsing those who are blacklisted because they fear retaliation from Ginsparg and running the risk of being blacklisted themselves or having their endorser status revoked. See the note in the home page.  I hope the reader will remain speechless for a few minutes before calling and writing to his/her Congress and Senate Representative in Washington.  See the link in the website Also you may contact the President of Cornell University, (he is well aware of this censorship and blacklisting) at:
    Please, ask all of them to stop Ginsparg from doing what he has been doing for so many years. I know people who have been blacklisted since 1993!  And, finally, one last word of warning: Please note that Ginsparg is not alone, he is just the [servant] ---- of the Physics establishment that receives plenty of financial support from your Tax Dollars.  See my letter to Prof. Noam Chomsky at MIT in this website. Demand from your elected officials that you will no longer support with your tax dollars a -- [disgraceful] organization like the administered by Ginsparg at Cornell University.

   Thank you very much for bearing along with me in this five-year journey to Cyberia: A Scientific-Gulag in Cyberspace.


Further Evidence of Archive Blacklisting

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