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 In reporting these case histories we do not imply that we are embracing, supporting or endorsing, in any way, the particular ideas, work, principles, or religious and personal beliefs of these scientists.  Our aim is to include a wide range of victims, scientists from all over the world, who range from Nobel Prize winners to relatively unknown scientists, those with numerous publications in first rate journals, to those with a few publications in second rate journals, from professors in first class universities to humble scientists working outside academia, from rigorous scientists to those exploring the fringes of science.

 "Genius is condemned by a malicious social organization
to an eternal denial of justice in favor of fawning mediocrity"

 Evariste Galois

creator of the 'Galois Theory' of mathematics



Case Histories Describing Scientists' Experiences
of Being Prevented from Posting Papers to

For each person's story click the respective link below

The Following Scientists are Totally Blocked from Archive Posting: 

G. Alvarado (U.S.)

T. Butler (U.S.)

Carlos Castro Perelman (U.S.) -- His blacklisting account
Read how administrators threatened his institution for supporting him

Dimiter Chakalov (Bulgaria) -- His blacklisting account

Saurav Dwiivedi (India) -- had 12 papers rejected by arXiv after they had been properly endorsed for the qr-qc section

Roger Ellman (U.S.)

Robert Gentry  (U.S.) -- His blacklisting account  
Filed a lawsuit in Tennessee which was dismissed due to improper venue (improper filing location).   
His lawsuit and Nature articles

Michael Ibison  (U.S.) -- His Biography
Open Letter to the Scientific Community

Radi Khrapko (Russia) -- His blacklisting account

Paul LaViolette  (U.S.) -- Blocked for three years --  His blacklisting account
Read how ignored offers of endorsement from three physicists including one Nobel Laureate
Read how revoked his endorser's endorsing privileges to keep him from posting his paper
Read how not only blocked LaViolette from posting his paper to the archive but then emailed the journal that was to publish it to voice their intense disaproval of its forthcoming publication.

Danny Lunsford (U.S.)

Jacques Moret-Bailly (France)

Matti Pitkanen  (Finland) -- His blacklisting account
    Additional commentary:  What it is to be a mad scientist?

F. Julio Palacios (U.S.)

Peter Rowlands  (UK) -- Recent suppression of his quantum physics paper
ArchiveFreedom members comment on this case

Stoyan Sarg (Canada) -- His blacklisting account

Gao Shan  (China) -- His blacklisting account  (13 kb pdf download)

Frank (Tony) Smith  (U.S.) -- His blacklisting account
Declared policy of open authorship violated by archive administrators
His filing of a Federal law suit

Edmund Storms  (U.S.) -- Account by Brian Josephson of how rudely refused to post Edmund Storms' cold fusion paper
Read how quips about being thrilled physicists are "kept off the streets and out of trouble"

(additional links to be provided)

The Following Scientists are Unwillingly Restricted
to Post Only to one section of the ArXiv or
are Allowed to Post Only One or Two of their Papers

Brian Josephson (UK) -- His blacklisting account
Nobel Laureate discoverer of the Josephson Junction.  
    Is restricted to post only to the physics category.
His Lindau lecture  (800 kb pdf download)

Gustavo Gonazlez-Martin  (Venezuela)

MarK Hadley -- (UK, University of Warwick)

Andrei Kirilyuk  (Ukraine) -- His Biography

Paul LaViolette  (U.S.) -- His blacklisting account
Read how ,after a bitter struggle, he is now restricted to post only to the physics category

Angelo Loinger
Is restricted to post only to the gr-qc (general relativity quantum cosmology) category.

Eric Lerner  (U.S.)  -- His Biography

Martin Lopez Corredoira (Switzerland/Canary Islands) -- His Biography

Alex Rivero  (Spain. University of Zaragoza) -- His Biography

Shervgi Shahverdiyev  (U.S.)
Formerly endorsed for hep-th section, now is restricted to post only to the physics category.

Jack Sarfatti  (U.S.) -- one coauthored paper is still posted

B. G. Sidharth  (India)

Other Case Histories of ArXiv Suppression

Stories of Academic Abuse

 The New Endorsement System: Merely a Smoke Screen

   In January 2004, introduced an automated endorsement system which was touted by operators of the system as an answer to complaints about the archive's restrictive policies.   However, there have been cases where blacklisted scientists have attempted to use this supposedly objective endorsement system and the outcome has been overriden to ensure that their works are still blocked.

   Another drawback is that most endorsers are fearful of endorsing novel papers because they worry that they could lose their endorser status if their decision runs counter to the tastes of the arXiv moderators.  In fact, the website states that the archive administrators reserve the right to revoke any endorser's endorsement status.  When one blacklisted scientist's paper was rejected, the reason given by the archive moderator was: "No legitimate endorsements from current users."  When the scientist then asked "will you guarantee that persons who endorse me will not be victimised by having their arXiv privileges withdrawn?" no substantive response was forthcoming.
The scientist concluded from this that they had refused to guarantee that anyone who endorsed him would not be punished for doing so.  Thus one could surmise that the endorsement system is merely a facade to give the false impression that the electronic preprint archive operates in a fair manner.

The New Endorsement System: One Person's Nightmare

Read about what one scientist went through when trying to use their endorsement system


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